Smart Thinking

AGCO’s Culture of Ceaseless Innovation

At AGCO, we see our role as problem-solving with farmers, for the world. It’s more than engineering better ways to grow, or adapting and innovating digital technologies to make farms run better, or shaping our business for the future through bold moves in the marketplace. It’s also taking on the big issues and thinking through the right ways forward for our business and this essential industry that feeds the world.


For Growth

To many people, agriculture is simply about growth of plants, animals, yield and income. But there’s more to the story. Agriculture has never been just about this year’s crop, but the next and the next and every harvest to come. It’s a generational discipline that always looks to the future. That’s how we approach running our business, as a discipline focused on sustainable growth.

Fendt Global Expansion

Fendt is expanding further into the Americas, with the game-changing IDEAL combine, Momentum planter and Vario 1000 and 900 Gen6 series of tractors as flagship products. Together, they offer a complete, high-end lifecycle solution, from planting to harvesting, to deliver increased productivity and profitability for the farmer. Having doubled the number of dealerships across North America in the past year, Fendt is also creating and developing a new dealer network in Brazil. Fendt dealers focus not only on equipment sales but also on outstanding service, parts availability, and achieving the high standard of customer satisfaction for which Fendt is known worldwide.

69% of large ag markets in the US and Canada served by Fendt dealerships.

Strategic Growth

While focused on organic growth of our brands, we also continue to build out AGCO’s global capabilities through select acquisitions. In recent years we added Precision Planting’s leading agronomy expertise and high-tech solutions; and Tecno brought us leading products and advanced expertise in animal protein production, including innovative aviaries designed to create a more humane, cage-free environment for raising poultry. We continue to look for and evaluate acquisitions that can further our strategic growth.


For the Digital Future

AGCO is committed to developing a suite of leading-edge digital tools that put the farmer first. Our purpose: develop and deliver smart solutions tailored to the farmer’s needs, powered by data shared in a secure, trusted environment—ultimately, improving farm income.

Industry 4.0, sales and marketing, quality, and service… AGCO is investing on multiple fronts to enable a global, digital transformation. We are reimagining our business, dedicating significant effort to improving our processes and ways of working, and leveraging advanced technology to enhance the experience of our customers, dealers and employees.

Investments in analytics and digital architecture are helping improve our business as well as those of our dealers and their customers. Real-time data and advanced analytics help us deliver more timely and relevant offerings. Our digital solutions and data systems leverage Amazon’s AWS cloud, optimizing our use of data.

Our Digital Customer Experience (DCX) program, which focuses on transforming customer interactions across brands and geographies, and AGCO’s Fuse® smart farming portfolio form the foundation of our digital future.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recognized AGCO Advanced Analytics Platform as a best-in-class data science platform.

DCX – Digital Customer Experience

The DCX program reflects our accelerating focus on digital transformation to help farmers feed the world. DCX enhances every digital customer-facing function across the customer journey to offer an integrated, seamless experience. Customers will soon enjoy a tailored experience across all channels, with the ability to more efficiently run their business and access services at their fingertips across all digital devices. Customers will save time and money, and dealers will benefit from increased efficiency and productivity, advanced sales support and the ability to deliver faster, better customer service.

Major AGCO brands are beginning to roll out solutions developed within the DCX program, boosting our digital transformation. Valtra has introduced the Customer Portal, an easy-to-use online platform that allows customers to manage their business seamlessly. Massey Ferguson has recently embraced a new digital approach to provide a Zero Distance® Experience to its business partners and customers, including MyMF, its brand-new Customer Portal. For Fendt, a successful digital transformation is a key growth driver, setting the standard for premium digital customer solutions such as FendtOne for a superior customer experience.

SMART THINKING: For the Crop Cycle

For the Crop Cycle

Adding value throughout the crop cycle, we offer a full line of innovative products at every phase—for preparing soil for planting, for growing the best crops, for a productive harvest, for reducing losses afterwards, and for raising healthy animals. Our smart farming solutions provide a dynamic 360° view, around the clock and the calendar, of the farm’s ecosystem of fields, machinery and resources.

The Crop Cycle

Seed-Processing Technology

Our Cimbria vision system delivers an advanced optical sorter for processing grain.

Crop Cycle


Serving as the sensory system and brain of the farm, our Fuse Smart Farming technologies connect all the machinery and support the farmer’s insights and decision-making with precise data and analytics.

Crop Cycle

Field Preparation and Planting

The new Fendt Momentum planter uses Precision Planting’s SmartFirmer advanced sensors to know exactly when, where and how deep to plant each seed, helping to maximize yield.

Crop Cycle


Our advanced farm machinery, such as the RoGator C Series sprayer, helps the farmer treat the fields and tend the plants until it’s time to bring in the crops.

Crop Cycle


Delivering the most efficient output and the cleanest results in any crop type and under any condition, the IDEAL combine is a gamechanger on large farms. IDEAL is coming to the Americas as part of Fendt’s global expansion.

Crop Cycle

Grain Storage, Drying and Material Handling

Our smart grain solutions will use sensors and real-time monitoring to support our customers with their productivity by better managing every kernel of grain getting to market.

Crop Cycle

Animal Protein Production

Our innovative products for livestock and fowl protect animal welfare while helping farmers respond to the vastly increased demand for protein worldwide.

Crop Cycle

Continuous Learning and Practical Reinvention

We take a thoughtful approach to helping our farmers and our business continually find better and more sustainable ways to raise the food that people need, all around the world. Crop management can make a big impact. Increased efficiency and less waste in fertilizer management, no-till farming and cover rotation can help reduce operating costs for the farmer while reducing carbon emissions.

Our annual Crop Tour, an on-farm demonstration program, provides hands-on education to help producers better understand how equipment works best to support more productive, and therefore more sustainable, agriculture. Our 2019 Crop Tour tillage trials focused on the impact of ideal planting practices on corn yields, confirming that yields improve when seed spacing, seeding depth and planter unit downforce pressure are optimized for soil and growing conditions. The tillage trials drew on three years of comparisons using White Planters with Precision Planting tools and technology, including SmartFirmer in many locations.

The Crop Tour program has been so successful for farmers in the US, Europe and South America that we have taken it to Africa, to build on our Future Farm and other local education efforts there.

SMART THINKING: For Animal Welfare

For Animal Welfare

As human standards of living rise around the globe, driving demand for animal protein, so do concerns about animal welfare. AGCO is convening the industry on the topic and engineering solutions that promote improved treatment of animals in the agriculture supply chain. We know the entire world will benefit from finding more sustainable and productive ways to raise healthy animals.

Convening the Industry: 2019 AGCO Summit

Using AGCO’s convening power to move the global conversation forward, the annual AGCO Berlin Summit in early 2019 focused on animal welfare, with the theme of “Feeding the World – The Future for Protein.” The Summit covered all aspects of animal welfare in the context of modern agriculture and the need for sustainable production to meet increasing demand for protein-rich foods worldwide. In cross-industry exchanges, industry specialists, politicians, scientists and animal welfare experts came together to discuss a number of pressing matters, including solutions that not only boost overall performance and productivity of farms, but also offer innovative and sustainable ways to improve animal handling and the fair treatment of animals in the world’s agricultural supply chains.

Humane Solutions for Animal Protein Production

AGCO’s innovative products for producing animal protein address physical comfort, bio-security and real-time, next-gen monitoring. Our smart, integrated animal protein solutions provide a range of options for producers to keep their animals in safe, healthy conditions—driving productivity and ultimately profitability. And AGCO is partnering with universities globally to improve animal nutrition, better understand performance, accelerate innovation and help educate our customers and employees.