Smart Solutions

Embedding Intelligence into Every Machine

Advanced technology has become indispensable on today’s farm. We keep rethinking essential machines and keep pushing the boundaries of digital innovation to develop disruptive technologies. We are entrepreneurs at our core, always looking for new ways to serve the farmers who demand the best from us.



AGCO precision agriculture tools help farms and machines run more efficiently with lower inputs and higher yields—producing more with less. Sustainable productivity arises through technology, innovation and integrated solutions to drive higher yields and higher farm income. We embed intelligence into every machine. The access to relevant information across all levels of production allows for optimal production diversity, security, speed, reliability and efficiency. And with each new advance, the farm gets better.

The IDEAL Combine Enters the Field

IDEAL 10T launched at Agritechnica in 2019, becoming the highest class for IDEAL now on the market. The optional IDEALdrive ‘steer by wire’ system offers a joystick on the left hand side of the armrest instead of the steering wheel, improving visibility and providing good operator comfort. IDEAL includes the longest rotor on the market, advanced sensor systems and intelligent networking, delivering extremely efficient output and excellent results in any crop type and under any conditions. IDEAL self-monitors and can self-modify for any harvesting conditions. With Fendt’s global expansion, the IDEAL combine is entering the Americas with a host of award-winning innovations.

Powerful Brands

  • Fendt
  • Valtra
  • Massey Ferguson
  • Challenger
  • AGCO Grain & Protein
Fendt Momentum Planter

Fendt Momentum Planter featuring Precision Planting technology is the most intelligent planter on the market, and also one of the largest. State of the art technology allows each row to be in constant and uniform contact with the ground, regardless of speed or variations in terrain.

Fendt 900 Vario

Fendt 900 Vario series new models feature all-new innovation that once again sets new standards in the top performance class. The powerful new design, numerous technical highlights, an extensive connectivity package, the relatively low weight and low fuel consumption enable versatile use worldwide. The new Fendt 942 Vario sees the series venture beyond 400-hp for the first time.

Fendt 314 Vario

Fendt 314 Vario offers award-winning versatility. Strong, light and smart, its innovative DynamicPerfomance releases additional power when required, at any speed and during all types of work, even in stationary applications. The large display area in the cab includes the FendtONE customer portal that seamlessly connects office and machine.

Fendt Rogator 300 & 600 with OptiNozzle

Fendt Rogator 300 & 600 with OptiNozzle offer innovative automatic jet control for precision spraying and a new AGCO boom height guidance system. The Rogator 600 self-propelled series includes a new top-end 307-hp model. The Rogator 300 series of towed sprayers offers a unique single wheel suspension. The OptiNozzle control system delivers perfect application results, guaranteed to deliver the selected drift reduction even at changing speeds or output levels—so the farmer can easily and accurately comply with legal requirements and help protect the surrounding environment.

Fendt Slicer FQ

Fendt Slicer FQ disc mower provides a perfect, consistent cutting height for impressive mowing results and feed quality. It combines a Slicer front mowing unit and a butterfly mowing combo at the rear for an unbeatable mowing experience. The versatile mower offers 16 front mowing units and 26 rear or side mowing units—the right combination for every requirement.

Valtra Connect

Valtra Connect customers can access information about their machine such as fuel levels, GPS location, can-bus signals, machine tutorials and many more via PC or smartphone app. The tractor owner can also share access to the machine data with their service dealer who can use the information to propose tractor maintenance pro-actively or to diagnose fault situations. Valtra Connect is widely used in Europe with thousands of machines already connected.

Connect, Care & Go

Connect, Care & Go is a unique service offering that helps Valtra customers to maximize their machine uptime at a pre-defined fixed cost. With the Valtra Connect telemetry solution the tractor owner can access machine data remotely and share this access with their service dealer who proactively proposes maintenance or diagnoses fault situations. Valtra Care extended warranty protects against unwanted repair costs not related to standard maintenance.

Autonomous Valtra

Autonomous Valtra proof-of-concept showed it can deliver safer and more sustainable airport maintenance. Two Valtra T254 Versu autonomously cleared the runway of snow at Ivalo airport in Finnish Lapland. Even when running with operators tractors are an interesting alternative for airport fleets where working widths of 4.5 meters are sufficient. They are considerably less expensive in total cost of ownership than trucks and much more versatile as they can be used year-round.


MF NEXT concept tractor, introduced at Agritechnica 2019, embodies Massey Ferguson’s DNA and vision to make tractor technology well-designed, accessible, easy-to-use and affordable to farmers around the world.

MF 6700 S

MF 6700 S, named Machine of the Year 2020 in the Mid Horse Power Category at Agritechnica 2019, takes high power, four-cylinder tractors up to 200hp. With compact dimensions, exceptional power-to-weight ratio and tightest turning circle, this series combines the highest performance with optimum economy.

MF 7700 S

MF 7700 S, named Machine of the Year 2019 in the L Category, includes the new MF 7719 S, which meets strict new Stage V emission regulations with a transparent after-treatment system. With excellent power-to-weight ratio and impressive 14t gross vehicle weight, the versatile MF 7719 S is specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of today’s progressive farmers and contractors.

MF Always Running

MF Always Running courtesy fleet service sets a new standard of customer service in farm machinery, aimed to increase market share gain and increase customer loyalty. Available to Massey Ferguson tractor owners through participating dealers in Europe, it provides a temporary replacement machine to ensure owners can continue working with minimum interruption while their tractors are being serviced or repaired.

Hay & Forage

Hay & Forage new models complement our full-line range of mowers, rakes, tedders, round balers and trailed wrappers.

Challenger MT700

Challenger MT700 is the world’s most technologically advanced track tractor. Designed and built on Challenger’s revolutionary AccuEngineering™ platform, it delivers the superior performance, increased power, exceptional comfort and enhanced onboard intelligence farmers need for unmatched productivity and profitability.

TerraGator “C” Series

TerraGator “C” Series is the next evolution of the self-propelled application equipment farmers have put their trust in for more than half a century. The series delivers maximum flexibility for both dry and liquid systems to meet a wide range of agronomic needs, new cameras, tank-level readouts at the reload center and touch-screen technology in the cab, liquid boom improvements like larger boom pins, 4"x4" center mast, 60/80' and 80' commonality and full-breakaway booms, and fleet operations gain staffing flexibility and training efficiencies.

Tecno AS-Aviaries

Tecno AS-Aviaries are designed to meet the requirements of all types of free range poultry production, maximizing freedom of movement while also improving the producer’s operations.


EDGE provides next-gen, configurable control to manage all of the environmental functions within livestock production facilities of any size, ensuring healthy conditions for the animals and smarter operations for the farmer.


Bio-Dri ensures that animals make their journeys in clean vehicles—thoroughly heating and drying trailers after washdown to help prevent the spread of pathogens, and using infrared sensors to ensure proper sanitation.

Electronic Sow Feeding

Electronic Sow Feeding systems feed sows individually, based on their unique nutritional needs and free from competition to limit aggressive behavior.

SMART SOLUTIONS: Advanced Connectivity: FUSE Smart Farming

Advanced Connectivity:
FUSE Smart Farming

Fuse Smart Farming delivers advanced connectivity to power planning, control and productivity across the farm. Fuse’s transformative digital technologies and services connect and harmonize the entire crop cycle, from enterprise planning to planting, crop care, harvesting and grain storage. Open architecture provides improved access to farm data and better connections to trusted service providers, allowing growers to make smarter decisions that reduce costs and waste while improving productivity and yields.

Hub for Innovation for AGCO Brands

Fuse acts as AGCO’s hub for innovation between the core brands, as an entry point for global technology partnering, and as the open platform that brings the innovation of the broader ag-tech market together—all for the benefit of our customers and the world. For example, Fuse technology powers Fendt VarioGuide, which has earned great uptake in the marketplace with penetration all the way down to low horsepower tractors. The automated guidance system uses highly accurate satellite technology, enabling tractors or harvesters to work to a precision of +/- 2 cm, even at night or in poor visibility.

Recent Fuse Advances

AGCO Connect service enables the farmer and dealer to coordinate, optimize and seamlessly connect the farmer’s fleet, to monitor equipment in the field remotely and in real time, and to better manage and predict maintenance—turning machine data into improved uptime and efficiency. Diagnostics and repair times can be reduced up to 30%, and the data produced can be used to further develop the technical reliability of the machines.

Agro Link collects, integrates and stores agronomic data files, regardless of equipment manufacturer.

Agrirouter, a universal data exchange platform for farmers and agricultural contractors, connects machinery and agricultural software, regardless of vendor or manufacturer.

AgCommand integration with Raven’s Slingshot provides growers with a more seamless experience, enabling their fleet and data management tools to sync together via the AgCommand website.

SMART SOLUTIONS: Precision in the field: Precision Planting

Precision in the field:
Precision Planting

One of the most innovative agricultural technology brands in the world, Precision Planting creates breakthrough planting system solutions while also delivering industry-leading agronomic expertise and customer support. Its precision farming solutions ultimately lead to better yields compared to conventional methods under the same conditions.

20|20 Display

This in-cab display is used with all of our control products and new AGCO planters as well, including the new Fendt Momentum Planter. The 20|20 is required for both SmartFirmer and SmartDepth to operate, and the control and information for both of them come through the 20|20.