SMART IMPACT: Innovations for Impact

AGCO has a long and proud history of innovation across our brands. In recent years, the focus has turned to earth-friendly innovation, taking environmental impact head on. On numerous fronts, our brands are pursuing advances that can produce sustainable advantages in fields both in the developing and developed world.

We see efficiency as key to sustainable agriculture and achieving the UN SDGs related to minimizing environmental impact and ending hunger. We engineer our machinery for efficiency. And our Smart Farming solutions help farms reduce their carbon footprint, maximizing yield per acre and per input through informed, real-time decision-making.

Better yields, higher farm income, less impact. That’s our focus.

Designing Efficiency In

AGCO engineering is about efficiency in all its forms—in engine design, in sensor technology, in how our machinery works in the field, and how farmers track, plan and make decisions. As a guiding principle, we design efficiency in, from our top-of-the-line IDEAL combine to our most basic tractors and implements. All of our farm machinery innovations are made more sustainable by the advanced technology they employ and that connects them in the farmer’s fleet.

Sustainability-Smart Products

Our engineers love a challenge, and have developed and brought to market a number of sustainability-smart innovations.

Massey Ferguson NEXT

Massey Ferguson NEXT concept tractor with partial and fully autonomous features, inflation-controlled carbon-free tires, LED lights and 100% connectivity.

Fendt 942 Vario

Fendt 942 Vario has an incredibly efficient yet powerful engine that meets Emissions Standard Stage V and uses 5g/kWh less diesel than its predecessor.

GSI Heat Reclaimer

GSI’s patented Heat Reclaimer is proven to reduce operating costs by up to 30%, depending on grain type and ambient temperature, by reusing the dryer’s heat while minimizing debris build-up.

Valtra Connect

Valtra Connect adds to farmers’ productivity by reducing machine downtime with real-time proactive maintenance support and by reducing the need to manually document individual tasks.

Fendt e100

Fendt e100 all-electric tractor, first introduced in 2017, is being updated to improve the battery and charging options.

Valtra Guide

Valtra Guide automated steering system works with our smart farming tools for efficient, sustainable operations to minimize inputs and maximize yields and efficiency.

Fendt OptiNozzle

Fendt OptiNozzle automatic jet control system for sprayers delivers perfect application results, making it easier for farmers to comply with legal requirements while helping to protect the surrounding environment.

Fendt VarioGrip

Fendt VarioGrip tire pressure system reduces soil compaction, improves soil fertility and lowers fuel consumption.

Valtra, Renewable Diesel

Valtra, Renewable Diesel—Valtra is first in the world to use renewable diesel as the start-up fuel for all new tractors.

Fendt VarioGuide

Fendt VarioGuide steering system maintains the ideal line with no overlap no matter the terrain.