SMART IMPACT: Developing Sustainable Agriculture

One thing we continue to see around the world: Where productivity per acre is low, food insecurity is high. That’s one reason we took our Crop Tour to Africa for the first time. This year the Crop Tour focused on precision agriculture, something every farmer can benefit from. Across the developing world, we are working with local partners to engineer food security, elevate resident expertise, support sustainable productivity and make financing available to smallholders.

3X yield per acre gain versus traditional methods.

AGCO Future Farms

Major investments in developing sustainable agriculture include the AGCO Future Farm and Training Center in Zambia and its sister AGCO Future Farm in Switzerland. Our Future Farms teach farmers how to farm more sustainably, with focused efficiency while preserving soil health and reducing post-harvest loss.

40% of food losses occur in post-harvest processing.

Precision Technology Institute

Precision Planting’s Precision Technology Institute is a 200-acre, real-farm agronomic research site in Pontiac, Illinois, built to push the envelope on advanced planting technology.

11% of banks surveyed in Sub-Saharan Africa provide farmers with loans.

Smallholder Financing in Africa

We established Retail Finance Partnerships with local distributors in Zambia and Kenya to make financing for farm equipment available to smallholders, breaking down a key barrier to productive development of farm income and yields.